Orion too - hope and wait (trance remixes)

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Here is an overview of the equipment I use for DSLR astrophotography. My setup is not considered a high-end system by any means, but nice results can be obtained. First, the telescope is a  Celestron CGEM Mount with the  Orion ED80 Telescope as the imaging scope. Piggybacked to the ED80 is the Orion Awesome Autoguider Package . Included in this system is the ShortTube 80mm refractor and StarShoot Autoguiding camera. I endorse this autoguider in various articles on my website because it is a complete, low-cost system that gets the job done. Autoguiding has made a big difference in the quality of my images since I wrote the DSLR astrophotography tutorial in 2007. And finally, I use the Canon XSi (450D) as my imaging important note here is that my ED80 refractor and Canon XSi DSLR are a good match optically. That is, the pixel size of the DSLR sensor matches the resolution of the telescope. This is explained further in my article- DSLR Astrophotography Calculator .

Orion Too - Hope And Wait (Trance Remixes)Orion Too - Hope And Wait (Trance Remixes)Orion Too - Hope And Wait (Trance Remixes)Orion Too - Hope And Wait (Trance Remixes)